Tuesday , April 24 2018

The Best Safari Holidays in Africa

Welcome to our web site, a guide to the wonderful safari holidays that you can have in Africa. Safari holidays are the ultimate when it comes to a dream holiday destination and they provide some of the most unique experiences that you will ever have.

Elephants in african savanna
There are an exciting array of national parks in countless countries in Africa which give you all the ingredients for the ultimate African Safari.  Naturally with so much on offer, it can be difficult deciding which African Safari Holiday is right for you, however with each country offering something diverse in terms of the landscape and indeed the wildlife, you are sure to find something which fits in with your individual requirements.

A Safari holiday is a once in a lifetime experience which is enhanced by the stunning backdrops that Africa is so renowned for. From the breathtaking rolling plains of Kenya which is home to some of the most outstanding and unique wildlife that you will ever find anywhere, to the extraordinary landscapes of Botswana which is rich in waterfalls, including the world famous Victoria Falls and the Chobe National Park, not to mention the beautiful National Parks of South Africa, a Safari holiday caters for the young and old alike.

Accommodation is varied and largely depends on budget, however which ever Safari holiday you choose, each can be tailored to your preference in terms of the wildlife and the character of the country that you want to experience.

African Safari Wildlife

Africa is blessed with an abundance of unique wildlife and it is this that forms the basis of the perfect African Safari Holiday. The experience of seeing some of the diverse and spectacular wildlife on offer in it’s natural habitat, forms the foundation of any Safari and includes elephants, Lions, Giraffes, flamingos, Zebras – the list is endless.

Being able to see these incredible creatures in their own habitat against the stunning scenery of beautiful Africa is enhanced by some of the most incredible sunsets that you will ever see and the gorgeous red and orange hues which dance around the backdrop provides the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in relaxation in some of the quietest and beautiful corners of the earth.

Watching lions sleeping or playing under the shade of the trees is an immeasurable experience and herds of wild elephants are truly mesmerising. Flamingos turn corners of the landscape to a wonderful pink hue whilst Rhino’s and Hippopotamus swim in the countless rivers and waterways – these are truly subliminal experiences which you simply cannot replicate anywhere else.

African Safari Tours

African Safari Tours are diverse and range from thrill seeking adventurous type experiences to the more serene and quieter experiences. Naturally, your ideal tour will derive from the country of your choice and the type of wildlife that you want to see.

For those travelling with children, there are a wonderful mix of different tours which are catered to suit families – a safari in Africa caters for every individual and this is reflected in the type of tour that you choose, the animals that you want to see and the type of accommodation that is best for you.

An African Safari Tour can be tailor made to your exact requirements and families will love the special care that has gone into providing fun and exhilarating experiences which means all you need to do is sit back and breathe in the stunning African scenery.

Those who enjoy more challenging tours will enjoy taking long walks through some outstanding scenery, often deep in to the bush however whichever African Safari Tour you choose, the result will be something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

An African Safari also provides a wonderful opportunity to meet other people and perhaps even meet some of the indigenous people of the lands before you which provides a rich cultural experience because an African Safari Holiday isn’t just about the stunning wildlife – it’s also about the other wonderful experiences such as camping and relaxing around a fire with other like minded people and absorbing the wonderful ambience that Africa is so renowned for.

Deciding on the Perfect Safari

A Safari in Africa is a once in a lifetime experience and naturally you will want to ensure that it includes all the elements of the perfect adventure.

Safari tours in Africa are so diverse in terms of cost and wildlife, so what you end up choosing will be dependant on both of these factors. Of course some safaris in Africa will be more expensive than others and if you need to keep costs down, you will want to choose a country that can offer Safari trips which are reasonably priced but which still provide the ultimate adventure.

Once you have decided on a country, you will need to decide which sort of Safari you want to go on – if you prefer quieter safaris, the opportunities are endless.

Thrill seekers will enjoy the more adventurous type tours and activities but it all comes down to what it right for you and whether you will be travelling on your own, with a group or with a family.

Accommodation ranges from camping, to the ultimate in luxury so there really is something for everyone.

The best thing about the range of safaris on offer is that much planning and thought from tour operators means that there is something to suit everyone’s budget and with this is mind, you will certainly find a safari which is has all the ingredients for the perfect African Safari.