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The Best Safaris in Africa

A safari in Africa is a dream come true for many people because it really is one of those experiences which, as cliched as it may sound, is once in a lifetime.

From the wilderness of Botswana, to the rich and vast plains of Kenya and South Africa, there are a plethora of opportunities for those seeking the best African safari.  However, what does make the best safari and how can you be sure that it will include all the spectacular sights on your list?

The diversity of safaris on offer which stretches across stunning Africa, means there are literally hundreds of opportunities, with each offering something unique in terms of the flora and the wilderness.

For those who love the rich lands and wildlife of Kenya which is bursting with mountains and vast plains, to the exquisite Masai Mara which is utterly beautiful at sunrise and sunset, this country is rich with a spectacular array of birds, lions and antelope and is complemented by the cultural experiences on offer from the people who live in remote villages across this stunning corner of the globe.

Kenya really does offer one of the best safaris in Africa and is perfect for those who are combining it with a beach holiday on Kenya’s gorgeous coast line.

South Africa is unique in its own right and has some of the best safaris can be found in Africa which offer a great choice of experiences and adventure.  There are diverse accommodation opportunities and the famous and renowned Kruger National Park has the perfect ingredients for one of the best safaris on the African continent. There are a wonderful range of tours on offer, including private safaris and of course the backdrop offers some of the most stunning vistas you will ever see.

The best safari holidays will provide plenty of opportunities for you to get close to the ‘big five’ which is the aim of most of tourists, however, they will also be determined by the tour guides who are expertly trained and the opportunities that they provide you with in terms of getting close to the stunning wildlife.

Indeed, some people want the opportunity to be able to meet other people and a great way to do this is to book a package safari holiday where you will meet others through your accommodation or the prearranged tours. Sitting around a campfire with strangers may not be to everyone’s taste,  however there are plenty of opportunities for peace and solace too

The best safari for many people may be peace and tranquility which means a quieter affair and perhaps you want to ensure that you have camping style accommodation, for example. Or at the other end of the scale, luxury accommodation which encompasses the beautiful African wilderness whilst enjoying some added comforts.

The best safari in Africa is made up by the ingredients that your choose which means budget, location, wildlife, accommodation and the social factor. Once you have worked out the finer details, you are sure to enjoy the best safari that you will ever have because essentially, it is is you that will decide on these important factors.

Whether you have your holiday tailor made to suit your requirements, or whether you find a package holiday which includes all the elements of your ultimate dream holiday, the possibilities are endless and all that is left to decide, is where your African adventure is going to take you!