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Botswana Safaris

A Botswana safari is the ultimate safari in terms of the wildlife, the striking vegetation and the diversity of the wonderful landscapes.  Indeed, there is a ‘rawness’ to the entire experience simply because the bush feels so untouched and you really do feel a million miles away from anywhere else on the planet.

In fact, most of Botswana is desert and most will have heard of the Kalahari and the game reserve in which it lies, which of course provides the perfect habitat for the astounding array of animals which adorn it,  which makes it ideal for the ultimate Botswana Safari holiday.

From the Okavango Delta which offers visitors some of the most richly diverse habitats in the world, to Linyanti which provides spectacular waterways, including the Linyanti River and the wonderful elephants that live here, there is a real emphasis on vastness, perhaps isolation to an extent which makes Botswana ideal for those seeking something a bit more peaceful from their safari.

Naturally, the richness of the fauna here has the makings for one of the most spectacular safaris you will ever have and there are some outstanding accommodation choices in the heart of the wilderness that Botswana is so renowned for.

Central Kalahari

The central Kalahari really is the epitome of the African safari and the game reserve here is no exception. During the rainy season which is between November and April, this flat expanse of endless desert which is characterised by ancient river beds and valleys, really comes alive with bursts of colour and rich wildlife.

However, the pure number of animals which roam the lands here is quite exceptional and with some of the biggest concentration of game, anywhere, this is perfect for those seeking raw adventure and peace.


Those whom love a huge concentration of game, will thoroughly enjoy visiting Linyanti which is adorned with private game reserves and which offers a wonderful mix of peace and wilderness.

From the stunning collection of birds, to the leopards, lions, hippos and crocodiles, this really is a once in a life time opportunity which offers some splendid accommodation, in the heartland of this stunning wilderness.

There are some wonderful camps here which have little touches of luxury throughout to really make this a memorable experience.


This has the most amount of game probably anywhere in Africa which makes this Northern part of Botswana all the more attractive.

It is interesting to learn about the history here which includes the San Bushmen and naturally this adds an important cultural element to the safari holiday, however other notable experiences include the wonderful array of elephants which adorn Chobe National Park.

The flood plains offer the perfect habitat for the amazing species of animals and you will be mesmerised and astounded and the beautiful beasts which roam the lands.

Sunsets are particularly special and with plenty of stunning and luxurious lodges available, this is the perfect place for those who enjoy wilderness in the true sense of the word, whilst enjoying the spectacular wildlife that Chobe is so renowned for.

Okavango Delta

This inland delta is incredible and with so much wildlife on offer including warthog, black rhino, leopards, cheetah, hyena, ostrich and so much more, this is the place for those that want to be in touch with the raw wilderness.

There are game lodges here, although Botswana safaris are generally is a little bit more exclusive than some of it’s counterparts in other parts of Africa and this is largely due to the isolation. However, exclusive means that accommodation and food are usually top notch although, Botswana and luxury do go hand in hand and are particularly suited to those looking for a bit more adventure and who want to experience as much of the native african animals on offer, as possible.

From wonderful camps which cater to small groups, to the exclusive lodges which are dripping with comfort and inject a luxury in to your Botswana Safari which, as cliched as it sounds, is the stuff dreams are made of, whichever region you visit, you will be sure to leave with some outstanding memories which will stay etched for the rest of your life.