Thursday , March 22 2018
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Family Holidays

It may be surprising to know that families are very well catered for when it comes to going on an African safari adventure. Even toddlers and babies are well thought of in what has to be one of the most unique experiences you will ever have.

Naturally your first step is to narrow down the country that you want to have a safari in because this may determine your budget and indeed the suitability for the younger members in your party. With so much to choose from, it can be daunting trying to choose the perfect family holiday, however with a little bit of planning, the ultimate safari holiday is within easy reach.

Countries such as as South Africa and Kenya are excellent choices when it comes to travelling with a family in terms of the experiences and accommodation on offer which will be another important factor to consider before booking your family holiday. They are also brilliant for those who decide to have a combined beach and safari holiday thanks to the stunning coastlines of Kenya and South Africa.

Beach holidays also provide some great opportunities for children to meet some stunning sea life against the backdrop of the wide African sky and the tropical fauna that fringes the beaches.

There are countless national parks in South Africa and the safaris have been expertly developed in terms of the experiences that are suited to those with young children.  In fact, many say that South Africa is ideal if you are travelling as a family because of the careful thought and planning that has gone into ensuring that the experience is educational and fun although this is largely true for which ever country you decide to have your African adventure in.

There are numerous opportunities for children to learn about the stunning nature and the diversity of the culture in Africa and private guides are a great way to learn about the wildlife and culture in this beautiful country.

Meeting the elephants is a great introduction to wildlife for any child and Kenya and South Africa are perfect choices to do just that, and with an excellent range of accommodation on offer to suit most budgets which includes self catering, this can be ideal for those with young children.

Swimming pools adorn much of the accommodation here, and often include a baby and toddler pool however many of the lodges that are dotted across Africa are equally suitable – the choice will come down to where you truly want to visit.

Package Holidays

A package holiday is ideal for those who want a completely hassle and stress free safari holiday because they normally include everything from flights, to transfers and accommodation and tours. This is an excellent choice for families because it really does take away the stress of having to arrange trips and tours which means all you need to do is simply take in the striking ambience that Africa, also affectionately known the rainbow nation is so renowned for.

There are countless package holidays available and there are packages to suit every budget. From self catering style holidays, to hotels which are all inclusive of meals and drinks, there really is something for everyone.

Lodges are incredibly popular and there are many packages available which will incorporate a stay in one of these – in fact, there are multiple options when it comes to accommodation which means you don’t have to stay in one hotel.  This adds a touch of diversity to the experience although you may decide that you want little disruption – this is the beauty of the package holiday which can also offer some brilliant savings.

The beauty of the package holiday is that you know everything is taken care of which means you get more time enjoying the wilderness of Africa and the unique experiences that it brings which are sure to provide some wonderful memories.