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Kenyan Safaris

A Kenya safari is the epitome of the ultimate African experience which provides countless opportunities for meeting unique and diverse wildlife, stunning opportunities in terms of the huge array of accommodation on offer and an excellent location for those wanting to combine their safari in Kenya with a Kenyan Beach holiday. In fact, the original Safari was born in this beautiful country and the range of different safari opportunities is staggering.

Breath taking Wildlife

Many people choose a Kenya Safari holiday because of the rich wildlife on offer and it really isn’t hard to see why this stunning country is so popular for safari holidays.

The nature on offer ranges from an abundance of Rhino, Zebra, Lions, birds and elephants but this is not exhaustive. In fact, there is so much stunning wildlife to see here, you will be instantly bowled over by this exciting and once in a life time opportunity.

National parks are bursting with colourful and varied wildlife which offers the perfect opportunity to peacefully watch the animals whilst drinking in the atmospheric surroundings of this stunning corner of the globe.

The outstanding Kilimanjaro offers opportunities to spot leopards and elephants but the rich landscapes do not end there. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the landscapes, Kenya safari holidays are at the top of the list when it comes to experiencing the ultimate African adventure.

Diverse Accommodation

The best thing about safaris in Kenya is the plethora of accommodation on offer which suits all tastes and budgets. From the richly decorating furnishing of five star lodges which really does embody the perfect African safari, to lodges and camping style accommodation, there really is something for everyone.

Camping can range from a mattress on the floor in the remote wilderness which is particularly suited to people who want to be in the thick of the safari experience, to the more luxury infused accommodation which can comprise of lodges to canvas style tents which are usually adorned with beautiful furnishings.

Game lodges throughout the national parks of Kenya offer the ultimate visitor experience which also has an array of exciting tours and guides on offer.

The food is diverse in much of the accommodation and for those who want added luxury, you will find yourself eating some of the finest food that you will probably have anywhere in the world thanks to the expertise of on site chefs.

Whilst many lodges and hotels will have a swimming pool, there are some that don’t and this is usually the case with the more basic style accommodation. The more luxury accommodation will often include a pool and a spa – indeed, you may even end up with your own spa which you can immerse yourself in whilst drinking a freshly prepared cocktail and which is the perfect way to watch the stunning African sunsets.

There are plenty of mid range lodges which are perfectly comfortable and which have on site guides and trackers so there really is something to suit every budget and indeed taste.

A Kenyan Safari Package is an ideal way to book a holiday because it really does take out the stress of finding accommodation and booking your own tours.

This may be ideal for people who want the benefit of knowing that accommodation and safari in inclusive – indeed, there are many packages which include all food and drink too.

It will all come down to individual taste and of course you may make some great savings if you book your Kenya Safari holiday as a package deal.

Stunning Areas of Kenya You Shouldn’t Miss

Masai Mara

Kenya is blessed with stunning national parks and game reserves and one of the most stunning has to be the famous Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve which is utterly beautiful and rich in wildlife. The sunset here has to be one of the most magical experiences that you will ever and is enhanced by the richness of the beautiful reserve which offers some of the most stunning vistas you will ever see.

The rolling hills and plains which are dominated by wildlife really does make this the stuff that dreams are made of.

Lake Nakuru

For those who love flamingos, this has to be one of the most unique experiences you will ever have! Watch the waters of the lake turn in to the most amazing pink hue that you will ever see and indulge in the wonderful view of literally thousands of pink flamingoes in their own natural habitat. This is a mesmerising experience that you simply cannot replicate anywhere else.


Kenya safaris always aim to include the ‘big five’ however this National Park offers so much more including the Mzima Springs, huge savannahs, stunning elephants and crocodiles. The terrain is wild and rugged and really is the epitome of the African landscape.

The earth is red here which adds another aesthetically pleasing dimension to the entire experience – look out for dusty red animals including pinkish elephants!

Giraffes, leopards and lions are plentiful and the expanse of grasslands only adds to this wonderfully, wildlife rich country which is adorned with incredible landscapes.

Lake Naivasha

Kenya Safari holidays are not just about the ‘big five’ although naturally they will be on most people’s list – however the country is also characterised by some of the most spectacular and diverse birds that you will ever come across and the Great Rift Valley provides some wonderful bird spotting opportunities.

Lake Naivasha is wonderful for looking out for the hundreds of different bird species on offer and you may even spot rhinos and leopards and favourites such as giraffes and elephants

Safari holidays in Kenya really do encompass all the things that you look out for when planning the ultimate safari – in fact, a safari holiday in Kenya would not be complete without seeing the spectacular array of wildlife and the utterly striking, mesmerising and breathtaking scenery which makes this the ultimate country to indulge in a Kenya Safari Tour which includes all of the outstanding elements that makes a safari so special.

The Stunning Kenyan Coastline

Kenya isn’t just about the safari – it is also blessed with kilometers of gorgeous beaches and wonderful white and soft sand which is adorned by tropical palms and calm blue waters. This makes it ideal as a combined safari holiday because the two are complete contrasts of each other!

After being under the African sun, the Kenyan coast has plenty of opportunities to enjoy the sun whilst being able to immerse yourself in the clear and warm waters of the many beaches that adorn this part of the world.

Enjoy snorkelling in the waters off one of the many beaches or simply sit and relax amongst the palm trees as you enjoy a cold refreshing drink with some fresh fruit – this is the perfect way to unwind and marvel at the stunning coastline that Kenya is so famed for. Indeed, the increase in tourism here is testament to this great country which truly is a wilderness of striking colours and wildlife, stunning beaches and wonderful people.

From Mombasa to Malindi, there are a plenty of good places to stay and indulge in the tropical climate and you will leave this outstanding country feeling content, perhaps more educated but with special memories of that once in a lifetime experience of seeing the diversity of wildlife and the stunning backdrops of beautiful Kenya.