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Luxury Safari Holidays

A safari holiday is a once in a life time opportunity, however just because you are deep in the wilderness of some of the most spectacular and scenic backdrops in the world, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a luxury safari holiday which only enhances your holiday experience.

Luxurious accommodation is diverse and includes everything from stunning rooms to luxurious lodges and even camps. Tailor made holidays means that you can choose from the outstanding luxury safaris on offer, which has touches of elegance and beauty throughout, often with striking vistas of the gorgeous African landscapes which is particularly stunning at sunset and sunrise.

Naturally catering is first class and offers a huge array of delicious cuisine which is expertly prepared by chefs – indeed you may even have your own chef which really is the ultimate in a luxury safari.

There is a huge array of private game reserves in Africa which offers the ultimate in luxury accommodation, with pools and spas which are perfect as you watch the African sun going down.

Lodges have expert guides on hand and the tours which are available are diverse and plentiful – and with the added luxurious element, there is an additional focus on comfort and style.

It isn’t just lodge style accommodation which offers the ultimate in luxury – there are some spectacular camps which are bursting at the seams with luxury, style and comfort. Canvas tents are thoughtfully furnished, often with decking and are an excellent way to experience the African wilderness. These are very popular in Africa and there really is a fantastic range on offer – from Botswana to South Africa, there truly are some wonderful, experiences in terms of the outstanding accommodation on offer.

The wonderful thing about luxury safari holidays is the careful way that each camp or lodge has been planned to blend in seamlessly with the stunning wilderness. Opportunities for spotting wildlife are immense and accommodation is thoughtfully planned so that you get the most beautiful vistas whilst relaxing in your luxury accommodation.

Tranquility is the key and with everything from lodges and camps, including some which are perched on hills which offer amazing views and peace, to being able to sleep underneath the stars in one of the many luxury safari camps, the diversity of accommodation on offer is remarkable.

Where else could you wake to find elephants practically on your doorstep, or enjoy a spa or bath which provides panoramic views of the beauty that surrounds you from all sides?

Sustainability is high on the agenda with most of the luxury accommodation on offer which means you are staying somewhere which cares about the delicate environment but which never lets go of injecting wonderful little touches of comfort that only serve to enhance this incredible safari experience.

With so much on offer, you may have a hard time deciding where to stay, but this will come down to budget and of course, your country of preference. Whilst most countries in Africa offer some outstanding accommodation, there are some notable exceptions particularly for those who enjoy the raw wilderness such as Botswana which is adorned with luxury accommodation.

However, you are sure to find something which is stunningly furnished with luxurious gigantic beds, a spa and swimming pool. The fine dining options are immense and incredible despite being in the African wilderness and will provide some of the tastiest food you have ever encountered.

A safari holiday is a once in a lifetime experience – this wonderful experience is enhanced by the luxury which is stylish and unique, providing one of the richest experiences you are sure to ever have within your lifetime.