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Maasai Mara Safari

This stunning game reserve is situated in Narok County,  South West Kenya, and is amongst one of the most exceptional safari parks in the world.

The name Maasai derives from the Maasai people and this wildlife rich park is renowned for it’s dense population of animals – from Lions to Cheetahs, to utterly gorgeous black rhino and elephant, this is the place to experience the ultimate safari.

There are a good array of lodges and camps for tourists which means a safari here will cater for most budgets – any stay here however, will be mesmerising and thanks to the excellent way the park is managed and maintained, there is a real focus of heightening your experience through ensuring that visitor numbers and animal sightings are strictly controlled. This means you will have optimum viewing and of course, the perfect ambience thanks to the striking landscapes that dominate this wildlife reserve.

A Massai Mara Safari is the ultimate way to view the ‘big five’ that so many people yearn for when going on safari and there are options for private safaris too – these offer a richer experience and with so much to see and do here, you will be spoilt for choice on where you decide to stay and unwind after a long day viewing some of the most amazing creatures in the world, in their natural habitat and in such a striking country such as Kenya.

Sentinel Park is the ultimate in terms of viewing animals but it is also renowned for outstanding accommodation which blends seamlessly with the landscape – you almost feel part of nature here, thanks to the clever and thoughtful way that accommodation has been planned. It is the little after thoughts that really makes this a wonderful part of the reserve to stay – from plunge pools to spas and of course some of the most outstanding catering that you will probably ever have anywhere.

The roads here are surprisingly good for the most part and with such an excellent infrastructure this makes it an ideal family destination. However there is no doubt that this is the ultimate destination for couples and indeed those travelling on their own and with that in mind, it is a fantastic place to meet other people and swap tales of your adventures in Kenya.

There are lodges which places a particular emphasis on luxury and you will not be disappointed with the stunning furnishings, service and atmosphere of being somewhere so special whilst shrouded in the comfort that so many of the lodges offer.

Indeed there are family rooms, laundry services, swimming pools and so much more which enhances any holiday and adding a little touch of luxury to further complement this once in a lifetime experience is the perfect way to soak up your surroundings on what feels like one of the most remote places on earth – this of course is the attraction to this truly wonderful reserve park which so many yearn to reach thanks to the stunning collection of animals that roam the lands here.

A safari is about viewing stunning animals in their own unique habitat and feeling part of the landscape and this is one park where you truly feel as though you blend in with the nature and the wildlife – the entire experience should be fun with the option to splurge a little – those who enjoy camping will enjoy sleeping under the bright stars and breathing in the fresh air.

Safaris are a good learning experience for the young and old alike and this park offers so many different experiences and activities for people in a truly excellent way – you, the visitor are thought of at every twist and turn and it is this that makes it such an excellent place to experience one of the most exceptional places on this earth.