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Safari and Beach Holidays

Safari and Beach Holidays are the ultimate combination and with everything from the beautiful Kenyan coastline to the rich wildlife of Mozambique, this has to be one of the most stunning and enjoyable holiday experiences you will ever have.

A safari offers the opportunity to experience some of the most incredible wildlife you will see anywhere in the world – indeed, African wildlife is unique and the experience is enhanced by the stunning and diverse landscapes that Africa is so well known for.

From thrill seeking adventures in South Africa, to the raw and vast landscapes of Botswana and Kenya, the opportunities are endless and can be tailor made to suit your perfect safari and beach holiday.

The wildlife is the star of the show in any safari holiday and your choice of where to have this rich and unique and experience will depend on the wildlife you want to see, the budget that you have in mind and whether you are travelling on your own or with friends or family.

Tour operators can tailor make each experience to fit in with your individual requirements which means families are well catered for. Indeed, the focus is very much on providing elements of fun intertwined with the culture of each country and this is cleverly arranged to suit families, providing some immeasurable experiences.

The rich African wildlife includes Lions, elephants, Meerkats, cheetahs, an amazing array or birds and monkeys and to be able to see these wonderful creatures in their unique habitats offers an educational experiences which is unrivalled.

The natural sounds of the wildlife and the landscape means that you can immerse yourself in the ambient surroundings before heading back to your accommodation which is diverse and has different tastes to suit every budget.

Luxurious lodges provide a wonderful opportunity for those who want to inject a premium element to a once in a lifetime holiday and includes huge comfortable beds, spas and even swimming pools, not to mention the delicious and varied food on offer which is expertly provided by chefs.

Camping is equally unique and the rich surroundings enhance the experience of being in the wilderness, surrounded by some of of the most striking wildlife in the world, whilst sitting around a campfire and marvelling in the peace and serenity of the beautiful landscapes of Africa.

Botswana may be suited to those who appreciate the rawness and vastness of diverse landscapes which is characterised by rivers and waterfalls and wild bushland although there are plenty of opportunities here for those with families.

South Africa is full of stunning national parks and thanks to the stunning coastline, this can be easily matched with one of the many safaris on offer.

Kenya is rich in wildlife and the landscape here is utterly mesmerising – thanks to the jaw droppingly beautiful, tropical coastline, a safari and beach holiday can be easily arranged although it is very easy to get flights if you decided to explore the coastline in other parts of stunning Africa which may include stunning Zanzibar, or even Tanzania which are both perfectly located for a twin beach and safari holiday.

After being on a safari under the searing heat of the african sun, a beach holiday provides excellent opportunities for lazing on white sand beaches and swimming or snorkelling in stunning turquoise waters, before heading back to your villa or hotel to indulge in some incredible seafood whilst watching spectacular sunsets.

Even Mauritius which is famed for it’s wildlife and white sand beaches is within easy reach and offers the ultimate beach holiday.

Whichever safari and beach holiday, you choose, the opportunities are endless and with Africa bursting at the seams with such beautiful landscapes and wildlife, exploring the coastline only enhances this once in a life time opportunity.