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South African Safaris

A Safari in South Africa  provides the ultimate in the safari experience and with beautiful parks such as the magnificent and world famous Kruger National Park at your fingertips, your South African safari will almost certainly be one of the most outstanding experiences you will ever have in your life time.

South African Safari holidays are the perfect way to indulge in wildlife experiences that you simply could not have outside of Africa and with everything from luxury safaris, to the more modest type safaris with diverse accommodation on offer, the choices available to make this a  magnificent experience is plentiful and wide ranging and it is pleasing that it caters for all budgets.

The big five are within easy reach, however there are plenty of opportunities to see a whole array of wildlife which adorn the part of the globe and which South Africa is so famous for.

South Africa Safari holidays really do encompass all the elements that are important and which truly make this an unforgettable journey – indeed a safari in South Africa should be the epitome of the safari experience and with such incredible landscapes on offer, it really does provide all those magical ingredients to ensure that you have the best safari holiday possible.

This is perfect for families or as an introduction to the some of the experiences on offer because of the careful planning that has gone into ensuring that you have an immeasurable experience which will be etched in your mind for the rest of your life!

Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park provides the ultimate Safari in South Africa and is adorned with wildlife and includes a wonderful mix of flora. As it is a ‘self drive’ park you can meander at your own pace in the incredible vastness of this stunning park. You will find stunning examples of birds and big game, including the ‘big five’ and will be taken in by the wonderful diversity of the landscape thanks to the eco systems which are prevalent throughout the park. The climate here is subtropical which means there is a rainy season during summer which makes the park come alive with rich vibrant colours, making everything look lush and green.

The vast landscapes of this iconic park are just waiting to be explored and there are an astounding mix of lodges to be found for all budgets which means you can explore the richness of the park at your own pace.

Those who are on a budget will love the experience of staying in traditional huts or perhaps staying in the classical tent style accommodation which is so popular when going on a safari holiday. Indeed, these are wonderful examples of accommodation that aren’t at the top of the scale in terms of luxury but which still provides little touches of comfort throughout.

Pilanesberg Game Reserve

Other game reserves in South Africa also provide some wonderful experiences and really do offer the best safari holidays in South Africa thanks to the the range of wildlife on offer which includes the Pilanesberg Game Reserve where you are sure to see the ‘big five’.  The fact that this beautiful reserve sits inside the crater of a volcano, only adds to the ambience and the experience.

There is a historic beauty to this stunning park which is characterised by the vegetation which is different throughout the reserve and which is the perfect home for so much of the wildlife, including a wonderful array of species of birds, buffalo, rhino – in fact, this is the perfect place to see the big five and with some outstanding accommodation on offer to suit every budget, finding your ideal lodge will not be difficult.

Self drive tours and guided tours for those who want the added benefit of local knowledge are available and you will be left feeling mesmerised and enthralled by the overall experience.

Addo Elephant National Park

A South African Safari holiday should tick the boxes of all those special elements that make a safari so perfect.

The exceptional flora and fauna of one of South Africa’s largest National Parks is bursting at the seams with different landscapes and is only around one hour from Port Elizabeth, which makes it an ideal place to visit, particularly if combining a safari with a beach holiday.

Buffalo and antelope are prevalent, however the star of this park is the wonderful array of African elephants, although you may even spot hyenas, baboons and stunning Zebra, amongst other things and with a fantastic range of accommodation on offer to suit every budget, this is the ultimate place to stay whilst taking in the sublime and natural beauty before you.

Guided tours are available, and you may even decide to indulge in a bit of horse riding along one of the many horse trails.

A South African safari really does offer visitors so much in terms of the wildlife, the hospitality, wonderful food and accommodation which caters well to families.

This park is full of experienced guides and trackers who are happy to pass on their knowledge of the park and the unique animals that adorn it, and it is great for those who are travelling with families. This is a perfect introduction to the ‘safari’ and will spurn you to explore more and more of South Africa’s parks and game reserves.

Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve

This stunning park which is set in the heart of Zululand  really does have the perfect ingredients for the most amazing South African Safari.

Gorgeous vegetation and the wildlife that adorn it includes a stunning collection of birds, Rhino, bushpig, zebra, giraffe, hippos and crocodiles.  Indeed, much effort has gone into conservation of the park where you take a self guided tour and indulge in a picnic at one of the many picnic spots. However the overriding factor is the utterly gorgeous surroundings which offers elements of peace and time to reflect on this once in a lifetime trip.

Accommodation is plentiful – whether you decide on more modest lodgings or decide to splurge on a little bit of luxury, there is something to suit everyone, including families which makes this the ideal destination for the young and old alike.

Indeed, the best safari in South Africa will include plenty of diversity in terms of accommodation, good and experienced guides and a park which is conserved to the highest standards and which is organised to provide visitors with the most memorable experience that they will ever have.

South African Safari & Beach

A safari in South Africa and a beach holiday combined could not be more different in terms of the type of holiday and activities they both offer, however, South Africa is the perfect choice for having a little bit of both.

After exploring the wonderful national parks that adorn South Africa and which provide perfect opportunities for viewing the ‘big five’, what better way to round off a holiday with a lovely relaxing beachside destination where you can indulge in numerous water sports on South Africa’s rugged and diverse coastline, or simply relax in a quiet spot on the beach whilst indulging in some world class food which South Africa is famed for.

Enjoy a drink as you watch the sun going down with that wonderful South African sunset dominating the skies above, or simply sit and breath in the ambient surroundings and learn about the culture of this amazing, unique and diverse country which encompasses so much of the stunning wildlife and landscapes which are unique compared to anywhere else on this planet.

From Cape Town to Durban, South Africa has some of the most spectacular beaches on the planet and with such wonderful cities literally on your doorstep, this adds another dimension which is already sure to be an extraordinary South African Safari holiday.