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Tanzanian Safaris

Tanzania is one of the most beautiful places in the world to experience a safari and with hordes of lions and elephants and so many other stunning animals here, the location is truly special in terms of the landscape which is dominated by the striking Mount Kilimanjaro amongst some of the most diverse vegetation that you will probably ever see.

The well known Ngorongoro Crater which is ancient and renowned for it magnificent collection of animals will touch of the hearts of all those who visit thanks to the beautiful surroundings which offers something incredibly tranquil and unique.

Naturally a safari in Tanzania is wide ranging and caters for all budgets – all you need to do is work out the type of animals that you are longing to see! Of course, the experiences will be different depending on the type of safari that you decide is right for you – families are well thought of here as are singles and couples – indeed, those planning to honeymoon here will loves the different types of accommodation on offer and the added touches of luxury throughout.

Tanzania safari holidays really are the perfect way to experience the different elements that any safari should bring. From canvas tents which are infused with luxury, to simpler yet still excellent accommodation, the focus is on hospitality and creating an atmosphere where you feel at one with nature and the landscape.

Tents aside, lodges are an ideal place to stay if travelling as part of a family and you will find that everything you could possibly need is accessible – this just makes you want to stay and soak up the stunning wildlife even more, however the educational possibilities here are truly endless thanks to the different experiences which are available. Seeing your first lion is a truly magical experience and something you will not forget in a hurry! How special to be able to see it in one of the most wildlife rich parks on the planet!

The parks that are near the Serengeti are truly exceptional – first class even and probably one of the most famous areas for seeing the ‘big five’ in the world. It isn’t however just down to the seeing the ‘big five’ that creates the perfect safari in Tanzania – the landscapes on their own create something truly exceptional and mesmerising, particularly in a place that feels millions of miles from the modern world and that really does enhance your holiday.

Whilst the northern parks of Tanzania are the most popular, there are some excellent safaris to be found in the south too – from Katavi which feels remote and vast, to Selous which is a different experience thanks to the water dimension and focus, to the stunning Mahale Mountains which offers some excellent walking opportunities, there really are some diverse experiences to be found in Tanzania.

The great thing about planning a safari in Tanzania is the sheer diversity on offer in terms of your budget and the things that you want to see. It is very well catered for if travelling with a family and offers a very rich and educational experience for anyone that decides to visit – you can create your perfect safari which has all the elements that you yearn for or you can book a safari that has already been planned and which is sure to include the most popular highlights.

Many people will simply love being in such a beautiful country which is enhanced by the nature that is adored by so many people over the world. Tanzania safaris are truly a once in a lifetime experience, but with so much on offer, you really are not far away from the most ultimate opportunity you will ever have in your life.